Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I have been to 2 aquariums in Taiwan, one in Taipei and one in Kenting. The Taipei aquarium is called Taipei Seaworld. I don't know what the Kenting aquarium is called. Taipei Seaworld is very expensive.( Up to 480 NT per person over 110 cm.) The Kenting aquarium is cheaper than the Taipei Seaworld.( About 150 NT per person.) The Taipei Seaworld has a little zoo full of frogs, snakes, lizards, and lots of turtles. The entrance in Taipei Seaworld has fish swimming around a sunken branch. I saw a nusrey shark on the ground in the undersea tunnel, I also saw lots of reef sharks in the undersea tunnel. I saw lots of little jellyfish. We saw the Stone fish as still as a coarl. I saw the Sea turtle swimming in a big pool full of sharks, fish and starfish. I touched a little baby shark, it is soft, seconds after I touched it, the baby shark moved to the other side of the tank.
The Kenting aquarium is much bigger than the Taipei Seaworld. I saw at the entrance of the Kenting aquarium beautiful coarl. The Kenting aquarium has more undersea tunnels than Taipei Seaworld(cause Taipei Seaworld has only one undersea tunnel). I saw two dolphins by themselves in a big tank playing tricks. There is this tank that has sharks, huge rays, eels, and some weird fish. I like the Kenting aquarium better than the Taipei Seaworld.


At 5:02 PM , Blogger Mickey said...

Hi Zeb, thanks for telling us about the aquariums! I love places like that.

I've been to SeaWorld in Florida and in California, and they are my favorite places to visit. But I don't think they are as big as the ones have. You are very lucky to live there!

Keep up the good writing!


At 1:48 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like aquariums. They are full of fish.


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