Monday, August 07, 2006

August 7,2006 House Times Monday

August 7, 2006 House Times Monday
Taiwan Foreign Ministry cuts diplomatic ties with Chad. Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs cut diplomatic ties with Chad after it recognized China. The Minister of Foreign Affairs James Huang blamed China because of sending arms to Chadian Rebels that have been aiding the genocide in Darfur.(See KMT and DPP) The CPC (Chinese Petroleum Corp.) did not end an oil project in Chad.
Hezbollah sends rockets into Israel. Hezbollah fighters sent rockets into Israel yesterday killing 10 people. Israeli troops continues into Lebanon to make a security zone and prevent Hezbollah rockets from going into Israel.
NT Dollar stays at 32.869 NT per US dollar.
Hualien---Partly cloudy
Sebastian Turton, president and founder
Sheridan Turton, art and features


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Cool! It's alot of pictures, I like how you got Sheridan involved.


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