Monday, May 02, 2005

May 2, 2005 House Times Monday

May 2, 2005 House Times Monday
Diesel makes a barking record. "Diesel" barked 55 times over the past week.
North Korea fires a missile. Yesterday the North Koreans fired a short-range missile into the Sea of Japan. This may cause a war.
Another water problem fixed. On April 29, a guy came here (our house) to fix the place where the laundry water is dumped. Now the laundry water goes into a place where wastewater goes.
NT dollar tips up 0.224 to 31.279 NT per US dollar.
Taipei---partly cloudy/showers
Ilan---partly cloudy/showers
Taichung---partly cloudy/showers
Chiayi---partly cloudy/showers
Kaohsiung---partly cloudy/showers
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