Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Taipei Zoo

The Taipei Zoo is in the mountains of northern Taiwan. You can ride on a car, a bus, or the Taipei City Metro to the zoo. When you get to Taipei Zoo Gate, there are venders selling stuff, and a big sculpture, there is a mall near the gate. You buy tickets that are cheap at 30NT per kid and 60NT per Adult. After you walk past the gate you will see a fountain and a children's zoo. After the gate is a long road. While you are walking along the road you will see a little train station that has trains that will take you to the other side of the zoo. If you want to walk to the other part of the zoo just follow the road. While you are walking you will see a museum which has stuffed animals that lives in Taiwan, you will also see a building nearby which you can go inside and watch animals like bats, owls or raccoons that sleep during the day and hunt at night. You might see Lions, tigers or elephants along the way.The other part of the zoo has shops and places to eat. The animals that are here are mostly reptiles. There is a building that contains penguins and bears. The zoo is a great place.


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