Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers written by Stephen E. Ambrose. The story is about the best American Airborne rifle company in World War 2. The Airborne Company trains for 2 years in the United States. During D Day, the Airborne Company parachuted into Normandy . After D Day, the Airborne Company takes Carentan while fighting Germans. 2 Months later, they go to London to get replacements and while they are in London they get a nice hot meal. Next they parachute into Holland to capture Key bridges.(but they failed) After Holland, the Airborne company rested for a little while, then they went to Bastogne During the Battle of Bulge the Airborne company with other troops got surrounded by Germans in the Bastogne Area. In January the company with more troops broke out of the ring. The company attacked Noville.The Airborne company takes Haguenau. They cross the border into Germany. When you read the book it sounds like you are with the Airborne Company.


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