Saturday, July 16, 2005

Things I enjoyed about Taiwan

I have lived in Taiwan for 3 and a half years, Here are some things I have enjoyed about Taiwan. I really enjoyed the eastern coast.

Zeb looks at a rainbow after it rained in the eastern coast.

It has some beautiful mountains, a great view of the ocean, some mines made by the Japanese during World War 2, and has lots of hot springs. I also enjoyed Taipei( The capital of Taiwan) which had lots of things to see. I saw Taipei 101 which is the tallest building right now, I went to Taipei zoo lots of times.

Elephants in Taipei zoo.

I also enjoyed Kenting.I went to its crowded beaches, I visited the Kenting aquarium few times,and I visited the Kenting national park.

I also enjoyed Taiwan's beautiful mountains, I like all of the plants on the mountains.I live on a small mountain with my famliy, I went hiking on the mountains in Northern Taiwan.

I like the nightmarkets too. I play games at the nightmarket, I eat the food there, and sometimes I ride on little cars.

I really enjoyed Taiwan pets and here are three reasons. 1 I enjoyed Pets because they are fun to play with, 2 is that dogs can protect you, and 3 is that you can pet cats and dog.

Diesel, one of My three dogs.

And there are also lots of other stuff I like about Taiwan.
I hope you enjoy the pictures. I like Taiwan.


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