Thursday, May 25, 2006

Season Causes

The reason Earth has seasons is because its axis is tilted. The northern hemisphere tilts from the sun when it is winter. In the south when the southern hemisphere tilts toward the sun, it is summer. When the Northern hemisphere tilts toward the sun and the southern hemisphere tilts away from the sun, it is summer in the north and it is winter in the south. The earth tilts about 23.5 degrees from its plane of rotation.

Friday, May 12, 2006

May 12, 2006 House Times Friday

May 12, 2006 House Times Friday
Turtle Accident. On Wednesday, our cat “Cookie” knocked down my turtle cage that had two turtles inside while we were out. When we got home we found water all over the piano, (I put my turtle cage on the piano.) I tried to find the turtles after the spill; I found the bigger turtle hiding under a newspaper a few minutes later. On Thursday I did not find the small turtle. Today while I was cleaning up the house, I found the small turtle covered with car fur (the small turtle clawed 10 meters from the spill.) near the TV. The small turtle’s shell gotten weaker while out of the cage. I quickly fed them and put the Turtles back into the water.
Taiwan President comes home. Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian returns home today from Latin America after a 8 day state visit to Paraguay and Costa Rica. About 2,000 people will welcome the president.
NT dollar tips up 1.185 to 31.460 NT per US dollar.
Taipei---partly cloudy
Hsinchu---partly cloudy
Taichung---partly cloudy
Kaoshiung---partly cloudy
Sebastian Turton, president and founder
Sheridan Turton, art and features

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Our Cat Cookie

Our cat is called Cookie. He is black, gray, and brown in color. Our cat has long claws. It usually sleeps on a chair, a carpet, or a bed. The cat’s teeth are like a vampire's teeth. The cat catches flies and wasps and cockroaches at fast speed (sometimes Cookie eats bugs.). I usually lock the cat in the bathroom so he does not wake us up in middle of the night His eyes can be seen in the dark. Cookie hides when my mom turns on the vacuum cleaner. The cat collects stinky socks; Scratches the couch, meows when we come back from a place or when we are outside, and when my sister and me go upstairs to play the cat comes with us.