Monday, May 09, 2005


My neighborhood is usually quiet and sometimes the air is always clean, someone might be burning stuff. My family and me sometimes go hiking in the mountains near my house. We go to a place where there are woods owned by someone. My neighbor's sons sometimes use to play with us after school, Now my neighbors are moving out after their friendship for 3 years with us. We have New Zealand friends who live near us, sometimes my dad talks with them a lot. I usually hear dogs barking in the morning or the afternoon. I like my neighborhood.

May 9, 2005 House Times Monday

May 9, 2005 House Times Monday
15 dead after plane crash in Australia. Police found 15 dead after a plane crashed in Northern Australia in a dense bush. 13 passengers including a local policewoman and 2 crewmembers were found dead after the plane crash.
World War two celebration to be held today.
Diesel bark 16 times over the weekend.
NT dollar tips up 0.029 to 31.160 NT per US dollar.
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Thursday, May 05, 2005

May 5,2005 House Times Thursday

May 5, 2005 House Times Thursday
Japan flexes its army with US support. Four Japanese F-15s pull up a US Air force tanker, the insignia of the rising sun shining from their wings. Japan has more than 240,000 troops on active-duty troops and a huge defense budget bigger than the UK's.
60th anniversary of the ending of World War 2 will be on May 9.
Diesel barks. "Diesel" barked 20 times over the past few days.
NT dollar tips up 0.110 to 31.189 NT per US dollar.
Taipei---partly cloudy/thunder showers
Ilan---partly cloudy/thunder showers
Taichung---partly cloudy
Chiayi---partly cloudy
Kaohsiung---partly cloudy
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Monday, May 02, 2005

Life in my House.

My house is very big. My house has about 8 rooms. (including bathrooms and kitchen)
My house has a playroom for my sister and me to play in with our toys. During the week my dad always goes to work while he drops us off his van. My sister and me have our own rooms to sleep in. My dad and mom sleep together in the second biggest room in my house. My house has a backyard and a place in my house's front yard for my dad's van to park. My house has a big living room. Since I have about 8 pets every day. I have to feed the fish, turtles, and feed my cat so I can have a friendship with my cat. I saw last year a snake in my back yard, it could be still there in my back yard. My house rent is 10,000 NT per month. I like my house.

May 2, 2005 House Times Monday

May 2, 2005 House Times Monday
Diesel makes a barking record. "Diesel" barked 55 times over the past week.
North Korea fires a missile. Yesterday the North Koreans fired a short-range missile into the Sea of Japan. This may cause a war.
Another water problem fixed. On April 29, a guy came here (our house) to fix the place where the laundry water is dumped. Now the laundry water goes into a place where wastewater goes.
NT dollar tips up 0.224 to 31.279 NT per US dollar.
Taipei---partly cloudy/showers
Ilan---partly cloudy/showers
Taichung---partly cloudy/showers
Chiayi---partly cloudy/showers
Kaohsiung---partly cloudy/showers
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