Monday, July 18, 2005

July 18, 2005 House Times Monday

July 18, 2005 House Times Monday
Pets die. During The past month 3 pets had died. Tommy the fighting fish died on June 10, and one of our birds died on June 17, And on July 3rd or 4th Little Mary the turtle died. We buried Little Mary and Tommy, but we threw the bird somewhere else.
Typhoon strikes Taiwan. Yesterday Afternoon, Typhoon Haitang approached Taiwan bringing strong wind and heavy rain. Some schools closed and shops also closed too. The Typhoon also brought damage to my house's back yard.
NT dollar tips down 0.552 to 31.942 NT per US dollar.
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Sunday, July 17, 2005


I really enjoyed summer. I have studied a lot. I enjoyed visiting Keelung and Taipei. Right now I am building a website This summer. Its been very wet here in Taichung. The dogs have been mostly lazy. I am geting ready for 5th grade. My family and I sometimes go to our friend's house and eat a lot. Since My sister and me are staying home, My family and I go to the morning market sometimes during the week. Its been also very hot in Taiwan this summer.I like summer.

Have a nice summer!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Things I enjoyed about Taiwan

I have lived in Taiwan for 3 and a half years, Here are some things I have enjoyed about Taiwan. I really enjoyed the eastern coast.

Zeb looks at a rainbow after it rained in the eastern coast.

It has some beautiful mountains, a great view of the ocean, some mines made by the Japanese during World War 2, and has lots of hot springs. I also enjoyed Taipei( The capital of Taiwan) which had lots of things to see. I saw Taipei 101 which is the tallest building right now, I went to Taipei zoo lots of times.

Elephants in Taipei zoo.

I also enjoyed Kenting.I went to its crowded beaches, I visited the Kenting aquarium few times,and I visited the Kenting national park.

I also enjoyed Taiwan's beautiful mountains, I like all of the plants on the mountains.I live on a small mountain with my famliy, I went hiking on the mountains in Northern Taiwan.

I like the nightmarkets too. I play games at the nightmarket, I eat the food there, and sometimes I ride on little cars.

I really enjoyed Taiwan pets and here are three reasons. 1 I enjoyed Pets because they are fun to play with, 2 is that dogs can protect you, and 3 is that you can pet cats and dog.

Diesel, one of My three dogs.

And there are also lots of other stuff I like about Taiwan.
I hope you enjoy the pictures. I like Taiwan.