Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Fish Market Trip

On February 25 we went to the fish market (Which is on the coast) with Michael Klein and Hui-chen.

We arrive at the Fish Market.

Everyone is excited about going into the market.

Ice Cream!

Streets are full of seafood.

Toys are for sale. (Note the fireworks, its still Chinese New Year.)

Pets for sale.

The entrance to the fish market.

Some people were having a early lunch.

A horseshoe crab and other fish greets us.

Seafood also greets us.

The Fish Market!

Michael and Michael.

Does anyone know what these giant crabs are called?

This Cuttlefish was changing its color.

More Cuttlefish.

A army of Crabs.

Cod for sale.


On the way back home, I bought 4 hermit crabs. The Trip
lasted 3 hours.