Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Camping Trip at Sun Moon Lake

On October 8, 2006 after a 2 day stay at Taipei city, Uncle Peter
invited us to Sun Moon Lake on a camping trip. We woke up at 5:00
so we could miss the traffic on Sunday. Grandma and Grandpa(my mom's
parents) also joined us. First we stopped at our house to pick up
the tent and other supplies. We finally got to Dehua and found
Peter and the rest of the famliy including his brother and an Amercian
exchange student.

The whole family is in Dehua.

Peter's brother.

We had lunch at a restaurant-hotel.

After lunch we went to a camping site which had bathrooms and a store.

We had trouble making our tent, but Peter's brother helped us so finally the tent was made.(The tent instructions said
the tent was big enough for 8 people to sleep in it.) So
our family plus one of our cousins would sleep in our tent,
3 people would sleep in Peter's tent Grandpa and Grandm
will sleep in the hotel,the remaining 3 people would sleep in
in the cars.

After making the tents I walk around and took some pictures.

Dehua is across us.

When it turned dark we started barbecuing and other people
were doing the same thing.

Everyone is enjoying dinner.

First we dropped Grandpa and Grandma at the hotel, then
went to the tents and went to sleep. Next morning everything was

Dad and me walked into Dehua to get newsapers only to
find out there are no newspapers for sale in Dehua!

Afer having instant noodle for breakfast we hung around
for 2 more hours and left for Taichung.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ausgust 29th trip to Tianan

On August 29, 2006 My Dad and me woke up at 5:00 and got on the 6:00 train to Tianan. After we got to Tianan, we had some breakfast then we went to Dad's school where he will do his Ph.D.

Dad poses in front of the gate.

Dad had to go to his department to ask questions.

After asking questions we got out of the school and we
decided to go to Fort Provincia.

Want to buy anything?

We took a break after looking at the fort.

We went to visit a fort ( made to defend against the Japanese, but was never used) out of Tianan city. It was a hot day

after visiting the fort we had to walk back to the city ( we did take a taxi to the fort but Dad told him we would be long, that was a bad mistake.) on a hot day. we finally got back to the city and took a taxi to the train station. We waited for a hour for the train.

we got on the train and arrived in Taichung at 3:42

We are back in Taichung!