Friday, December 30, 2005

Europe's Explorers

1. Why did Europe explore the world?

The Europeans were running out of metal and they want to find more routes to China, so they can trade silk, gold, slaves, and spices.

2. How were European ships better?

The European ships had better cannons, the sailors were very trained to use them, and the government does not have to pay for the ship.

3. Why did people become crewmen on ships if it was difficult?

People wanted to become rich and famous.

4. Why did Spain and Portugal lead in voyages?

The Muslims taught them everything.

5. Why did China and Japan not explore the world?

First, China did explore the world; second, the Japanese government doesn't allow people out of Japan.

6. Describe Prince Henry. What made him great? What were his goals?

Smart, he had a vision that he will lead a crusade into North Africa that would clear out Muslims, but he had to explore it first. He sent explorers around Africa. He wanted spices.

7. What did Vasco da Gama do? What did the Muslims think? How did Europeans feel?

He sailed around Africa to India and back. The Muslims were angry when Da Gama's fleet showed up in India. It was a success for the Europeans.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

King Kong

Peter Jackson's King Kong is based on the 1933 King Kong movie. I enjoyed the movie very much. The funniest part of the movie was the woman King Kong took, Ann, when she is making King Kong laugh. The movie has 3 T-rexes instead of 1 like the 1933 one. There are giant bugs in the movie. Also there are giant bats. There is one thing strange about the island; every single animal has sharp teeth. Also another problem, the ship is very small, so how did they get King Kong to New York? If you watched the movie, look at King Kong, He is much smaller then the 1933 one. All and all, readers should wait for King Kong to appear on HBO.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

December House Times Thursday

December 22, 2005 House Times Thursday
A wet nightmare. Heavy rains continue in Southeast Asia. 35 people are killed in the worst floods in 30 years. Thousands are being evacuated.
Cold! A cold front from China arrived last night. It is excepted to warm up on Saturday.
NT dollar tips down 0.006 to 33.256 NT per US dollar.
Taipei---Partly sunny
Hsinchu---Partly sunny
Hualien---Partly cloudy
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Crazy Cat News

Here's our crazy cat "cookie" playing with a pancake.

Every week I will put up pictures of our crazy cat. We got the cat "Cookie"
from our neighbors, because they could not take care of the cat.

Our crazy cat.

Cookie can "stand up" for at least 45 seconds. The cat eats 5
bowls of cat food a day. The cat usually wrecks the christmas

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

December 21, 2005 House Times Wednesday

December 21, 2005 House Times Wednesday
Hello everyone! I haven't written anything to put in my blog, now as you can see I am going to type everyday when I get the chance.
Pet news. During September to November, our family lost 2 cats and 1 bird. Our cats either ran away or were catnapped. Our bird died of cold. But on October 26, Our Neighbors gave us a kitten. Our dogs, especially Odie have been running away lately but we always catch him easily.
Satellite ready for lift-off. Taiwan's 3rd satellite, FORMOSAT-3 was put in a airplane In CKS International Airport yesterday. It will go to California where it will lift-up to space in late March next year. The satellite will watch the weather, the Globe's atmosphere, and the climate.
NT dollar tips down 1.308 to 33.250 NT per US dollar.
Taichung---partly cloudy
Chiayi---partly cloudy
Kaoshiung---partly sunny
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Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers written by Stephen E. Ambrose. The story is about the best American Airborne rifle company in World War 2. The Airborne Company trains for 2 years in the United States. During D Day, the Airborne Company parachuted into Normandy . After D Day, the Airborne Company takes Carentan while fighting Germans. 2 Months later, they go to London to get replacements and while they are in London they get a nice hot meal. Next they parachute into Holland to capture Key bridges.(but they failed) After Holland, the Airborne company rested for a little while, then they went to Bastogne During the Battle of Bulge the Airborne company with other troops got surrounded by Germans in the Bastogne Area. In January the company with more troops broke out of the ring. The company attacked Noville.The Airborne company takes Haguenau. They cross the border into Germany. When you read the book it sounds like you are with the Airborne Company.